Babyjem Home Safety Kit, 26-Piece

Brand: Babyjem
9594 Miles
5757 Miles
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The safety kid: Is a set of products designed to help you to protect your child from the most common dangers in your home. The safety kit has a wide range of products, all made of materials that are safe and functional in different situations.

A set of handy products designed to protect babies and children from the most common accidents in the home; 2 mini multipurpose locks,  2 cabinet door lockers,  2 window locks,  2 door stoppers,  2 drawer locks, 4 corner protectors, 6 sockets locks,6 grounded plug protectors.

ATTENTION: This product does not replace the protection and control of parents. Our product is preventive and dissuasive for children to open dangerous places.

The product made in Turkey.