Babyjem Pink Mommy Nappy Bag, Diaper Bag For Baby Care

Brand: Babyjem
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BABYJEM PINK MOMMY NAPPY BAG is produced for carrying the baby's belongings. It seems like a daily bag which has high qualified design. This bag will be convenient when you are shopping or travelling with your baby. You have 2 wearing options; on the shoulder and the back. BABYJEM PINK MOMMY NAPPY BAG has made from soft and comfortable materials which makes it durable and high-qualified. You can protect your baby's head and face with the hat included. There are removable caps so you can easily reach the hat.

You can easily carry; it's just 300 gr.

With its stylish colors, you can use it as comfortable as your daily bag. And it’s cute pink color will make your baby smile.

Accessories has been made from nickel-free materials and the best specialty of the bag is its liquid-proof fabric.         

There are plastic feet to prevent contamination when put on the floor. It's removable fabric.