BiggDesign Anemos Keychain with Carabiner

Brand: Biggdesign
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If you always forget where you put your keys and you can't find the solution; BiggDesign AnemosS Illuminated keychain! The flashlight with 3 different lighting modes will keep you in the forefront of the keys that are left in your bag or when you enter the house. Durable, practical and lighted, you will keep your keys together without getting lost. The unique design of the rubber-coated illuminated keychain will be a cute accessory for your keys. Inspired by the Aegean breeze, the key chain is designed for all marine enthusiasts. With a diameter of 4 cm and a circle that can hold 6 to 7 keys, the key ring can be hung on the wall at the door entrances. Famous designer Gamze Yalçın's inspiration from these special works is the illuminated keychain, which draws great attention with his paintings featuring marin-inspired paintings. The design is in the foreground with LED lamp. The keychain, which you can think of as a minimal and meaningful gift option for your loved ones, will be an accessory that you will use with pleasure.