Lava Cast Iron Casserole 16cm Red Sauce Pot with Lid

Brand: Lava
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This Signature Series 1.35 Liter Sauce pot is perfect for creating delicious sauces and toppings, melting chocolate or cheese or warming milk for delicious hot cocoa. Enameled cast iron heats up slowly and retains heat to keep warm things warm longer. Use to heat ingredients for recipes or simply for serving. This elegant pot is 16 cm in diameter and 7,7 cm deep with a perfect fitting cast iron lid. Lava makes this pot just like its Dutch Ovens by applying three layers of beautiful, super-hard enamel outside with a chef preferred matte black enamel finish inside that is bonded to premium cast iron by firing not once, but twice, for maximum beauty, lasting durability and superb cooking performance. Only the finest cookware in the world is made this way. This pot is the perfect multi-tasking cooking tool and is ideal for any kitchen, large or small. Its slim curved handle makes for easy handling and pouring. This beautiful Lava pot is dishwasher safe and detergent compatible for fast and easy cleanup. Signature enameled cast iron pans are compatible with most cook top heating elements, ovens and outdoor grills and are temperature rated up to 260°C. Lava enameled cast iron pans do not need to be seasoned before use. Just wash, dry and start cooking.

Material: 3 layer enamel coating, 2 Fusing, Thickness: Base=4,5mm. Edge=3,5mm. 

Capacity (Lt): 1,35          

Exterior Measurement: W=17 cm L=34,5 cm H=9,5 cm 

Interior Measurement: Ø=16 cm H=7,7 cm        

Ideal for (Person): 1-2

Weight (Kg): 2,59

 Color: Red