AnemosS Anchor Patterned Suction Mug - White - 470 ml

Brand: AnemosS
10226.26 Miles
16414 Miles

Vacuum spill free pattern designed by Gamze Yalcin special non-slip silicone pad under the mug push through, knocking the forefront against shocks such as the overthrow feature. Particularly preferred not tip heavily in the boat and work places mug, it its without noticing that the ground remains constant even if you is not found and poured drinks.    Only you do not want to use your home or your place of work is not overturned Biggdesign spill free patterned mug in vacuum park, you can carry with you in your travels or in your walk. not toppled mug, while confidence in the overthrow of stylish design feature adds color to your table decoration.    PP and ABS can not be overthrown vacuum produced by the high-quality plastic mug, heat helps long-term protection. Only cold water and a soft sponge wash suggest that we achieved using spill free patterned mug saves you from the time occurs with easy to clean. Special vacuum not tip sent in a cardboard box mug, both in Istanbul for your fellow coffee lovers will love a gift option.