AnemosS The Girl with Lighthouse Women's Crew-Neck White T-Shirt

Brand: AnemosS
6481.41 Miles
11098 Miles

Whether alone, favorite bike complementary sides of every season you can combine it with a cardigan on you if you want t-shirts, it reveals the difference with Biggdesign designs. Special design, with different and unique design that reflects your style with lamplighter girls cotton t-shirts will feel both elegant and comfortable. Gamze Yalcin, a famous designers who place great attention given to Marin breeze that carries the inspiration received from the implementation of special works lamplighter girl pattern printed t-shirt stands out with comfortable and lightweight die-cast.  Biggdesign t-shirts, bicycles collar cut, short sleeves, soft and cotton fabric offers convenient operation. 50% cotton, 50% was applied to the printed art on the white t-shirt made from modal fabric printing, enabling the separation from others. Tapping for printing t-shirts with the plastic printing stops completely unified feeling. T-shirt hem with a slightly rounded cutting.  30 ° C should be delicately washed and reverse. Medium can be ironed with the iron of the heat. Dry cleaning. It should not be dried by the dryer. Product dimensions: Small size: Width: 45 cm, Height: 68 cm Medium size: Width: 47 cm, Height: 70 cm Large Sizes: Width: 49 cm. Height: 72 cm, XLarge Sizes: Width: 51 cm, Height: 74 cm.