Akçiçek Midi Basketball Hoop - Bee

Brand: Matrax
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6240 Miles
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Our Midi Basket Pot allows our children to enjoy basketball games at home. The balls of our portable basketball toy are made of solid, light and flexible material. The basketball in the frame of the mid-size basketball toy is made of sturdy, lightweight and flexible material. The valve is used in the design of the basketball. In this way, inflation or quenching can be made upon request. 13 cm. diameter 1 color ball and door hanging apparatus, together with ease of installation is a product. All of our basket toys are made of plastic material; different visual designs have been applied on the body parts. As with all other products; Produced with raw materials and paint suitable for children's health.

Size: 32,50 x 41 cm Backboard

Crucible ring: 22 cm in diameter

Ball: 13 cm. Diameter - 1 piece