Akçiçek Wooden Table Match Game- Medium

Brand: Matrax
19184.23 Miles
16226 Miles
Matrax Toy Wooden Table Match Game (MEDIUM SIZE)

We produce more healthy products by combining football with a healthy material such as wood. Enjoy the football at home with our medium size Wooden Table Match Game (Medium Size). With this pinball toy, our children will make their dreams come true on the field. Our wooden football toy product, which brings the pinball game to the home environment, as in all other products; Produced with raw materials and paint suitable for children's health. Our wooden game with wooden material is sold disassembled. To watch the assembly of Wooden Table Match Game (Medium Size), click on the "Watch Installation Video" button above.

Gender Male
Age Range: 12+ Years, 5 - 7 Years, 8 - 12 Years