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Amboss Amethyst Matic 2-Piece Pressure Cooker Set

Practical way to cook your food in short time without them loosing their nutrition value. Ambass Matik Steam Cooker cooks food faster and more delicious with steam power, and saves energy. Fill half of the cooker with food and water, make sure you leave enough space for steam pressure, half the volume is enough. Thn close the lid, turn on the heat and . After enough time passes, pull the steam whistle gently up, get the steam out and open the cap after it gets cold. It can be opened when it is cold enough to take. With its special aliminium composition, the capsule base is appropriate for all oven, cooker types. Additionaly, it divides the heat eaqually inside the cookware for your food to be cooked the right way. 18/10 CR-Ni stainless steel body and not sharp edges, the cookware doesn't get bended when it drops or gets hits. With its grips and lid grip not getting hotter, you won't experience any injuries caused by heat. Because the product is made by polisage polishing tec

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