Anemoss Sail Round Beach Towel

Brand: AnemosS
244.9 Miles
23924 Miles

Anemoss Sail Beach Towel is highlighting certain features that make it ideal towel for the beach.

If you're heading to the beach this summer, you need this oversized beach towel.

It’s large size 150 cm diameter totally covers your body to give comfort, protection and avoids sand stuck, enough for two to lounge in the sun.

Made of Turkish 60% cotton fabric and 40% Micro Fabric to make this towel thick, super soft and plush. It effectively absorbs water for quick drying.

It has a special ‘Sail’ pattern to emphasize summer style. By bringing positive vibes to the pool or beach with its unique tropical and summer motifs, you can easily keep alive your summer mood.

This Anemoss Beach Towel is available in five options to reflect a summer theme in an esthetic way and they are suitable for multipurpose use in other situations as well.