Babyjem Amazing Bowl, Pink

Brand: Babyjem
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Babyjem amazing bowl is both fun and functional. The inner bowl rotates a full 360 degrees and will not spill, even if you turn. Dishwasher safe and comes with a snap on lid for easy storage. Designed for baby, children, shape is such as a flying saucer. Inner bowl rotates 360 degrees. Saves time, less cleaning. Great for snacks and for non-food items.

Great for babies and kids to have fun while eating without mess. Thus, your babies or kids will love the eating.

This bowl is great for everyday use, car rides, play time, outdoor fun and much more.

Great for babies and kids to have fun while eating without mess.  Not only is it great for parents, but it’s a fun way to get the kids use eating.

Approx. size; 17, 5 x7cm, inner bowl diameter; 8,5cm

Inner bowl rotates 360 degrees.

Dimensions: 17, 5x17, 5x7 cm.



• BPA and do not contain toxic substances. It does not contain unhealthy materials for your baby.

• Lid is used as the storage container. You can use in refrigerator with the closed lid.

• Do not use in the microwave and oven.

• Made of food grade PP material, safe for your baby.

• Removable and easy to clean. Dishwasher Safe, just put it in dishwasher or wash it gently in warm water.

• Color: Pink