Babyjem Baby Bath Set 5 Pcs Blue

Brand: Babyjem
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Babyjem Baby Bath Set 5 Piece Blue

Consists of 1 Babyjem Disposable Large Transparent Bathtub, 1 Bath Net, 1 Bucket & Mug, 1 Feather Sponge. The 5-piece baby bath set does not contain any harmful chemicals. Suitable for mothers & babies. You can easily use the BabyJem Large Bath Tub for washing your baby. With non-slip silicone feet, it does not slip and you can easily drain the water when you are finished with the fish-covered drain cover. 50 lt water capacity. Babyjem Towel Bath Net allows you to easily attach your baby's bathtub with plastic apparatus and wash your baby easily on the net. Wash with warm and plenty of water when you are done. Always check the plastic hooks before each use. Babyjem Transparent Bucket has a capacity of 13 lt. Babyjem Transparent Mug: 1250 ml. Babyjem Feather Sponge helps to wash your baby's skin without irritating with its soft form.