Babyjem Baby Reflux Pillow

Brand: Babyjem
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Adjusting the position old lying, helps preventing the escape of stomach acid into the esophagus. Custom dosing punched sponge structure gives the admission onto breathe while lying face down. There is no therapeutic properties old this product, ore used as auxiliary. The product has the smell of loom the smith will disappear otter a few days unpacked. It does not contain carcinogenic substances. Removable cover is washable in the wash machine. lt can be used as a safe sleeping bag with adjustable.
Babyjem reflux pillow helps babies keep fixed the position. It promotes sleeping quality. Babyjem reflux pillow support the abdomen and backbone. It helps to your babies’ stable position and comfortable sleeping.
We offered the parents easy and comfort way. With the reflux pillow, you can wash the in the washing machine by the removing the cover.
 It does not contain carcinogenic substances. Perforated sponge structure helps the babies' breathing easily even if they lying face down. Additionally, hypoallergenic and bacteria resistant ensures that your babies comfortable and soft sleeping. The reflux pillow provides the necessary sleep support for babies.

• Product dimensions: 53*38*9 Cm.
• The product is guaranteed for 2 years.
• The pillow made for the age 0-1 years.