Babyjem Bath Lux Set, 6-Piece

Brand: Babyjem
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When your baby newborn, bathing can be become nerve-wracking.  With a little practice with Babyjem lux bath set, you and your baby will start to feel comfortable. Products are lightweight and never include unhealthy materials. With the Babyjem lux bath set feature has an ergonomic design which offered your babies extra comfort. Via bath tub with a train and baby bath bucket support you give a baby bath easily. Its deep ergonomic design holds baby better for bathing. The set can be use from birth. Our set do not contain carcinogenic substances. Products are sturdy and high quality design and construction. Saving trouble and labor for new mother to clean her baby alone.

Bath set include; Transparent bath tub with a drain ,transparent baby bath bucket 10lt,transparent water mug, potty, net with bubble image Cellulosic bath sponge. There are one from each products with in the pack. The set offered to sales with an elegant gift box.

Baby bath bucket features lightweight and easy to carry around the home. With the transparent bath tube allow you to bathe baby in safe.