Babyjem Between Parents Baby Bed with Toys Green

Brand: Babyjem
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With the creation of this portable bed designed to go wherever babies go.  It's a portable newborn baby crib. Can be used for example in the cradle, stroller, and playpen, in the parents’ bed or as on extra bed. Is like a little cozy nest. As babyjem sleep with us bed is encircling the child, provides extra safely and comfort. Side sleep pillows prevent safety sleep to your baby. Rocking toys help keep your bed comfortable and fun. Small head pillow can also be used. Color: Green

• The bed includes cute toys to entertain baby.

• It's made of %100 cotton fabric which is the best for your babies' skin.

• Sheath can be washable at 30 degree and with the sponge parts, you can easily clean.

• It offers 2 different usage options. Whether it’s a toddler bed or just a bed