Babyjem Cherry Core Belt Ecru

Brand: Babyjem
34.9 Miles
7115 Miles

The Babyjem cherry stone pillow - For the wellbeing of your favorite! Note: Please be careful when heating. Overheating and carelessness can lead to fire. You can easily heat it in the microwave or oven at low temperature. Babies often suffer from uncomfortable abdominal pain and bloating. Warmth usually provides relief and a cherry stone pillow is made for it. Commercial heat pillows can not fully develop their effect, since the affected area can only be treated if your little one is sleeping and not moving .

Babyjem now presents you with the optimal solution! Your benefits at a glance: ✓ Perfect pain relief ✓ Ensures a firm hold ✓ Is adjustable in size ✓ Suitable for the microwave ✓ Absolute premium quality Now click on the shopping cart at the top of the page to effectively treat your favorite uncomfortable abdominal pain!