Babyjem Mega Toilet Trainer, Mint

Brand: Babyjem
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9369 Miles

Most children start toilet training at the same age they start to learn basic personal hygiene. Toilet training process may become nightmare for parents. We offered you comfortable, sturdy and lightweight toilet seat with Babyjem toilet trainer adaptor. In the challenging toilet training process, our product will help your child to adjust to the closet without fear. There is plastic holders on the edge and wide structure protect your child from the danger of falling. It is made of plastic which is removable easily. It is washable and cleanable. Color: Mint

Designed for children, it is wide and with its plastic holders on the edges, your child is unlikely to fall. In the challenging toilet training process, the toilet seat, which will help your child adjust to the closet, allows him/her to sit in the closet without fear.

Funny Mega Toilet Trainer which has attractive colors for your children.

 It’s lightweight and portable features offered easy cleaning and hygienic.

It’s fits onto a standard sized toilet seat and features side handles child to hold onto so that they feel more secure.

It's suitable for 2-5 years.