Babyjem Thermos 350 Ml, Blue, Stainless Steel

Brand: Babyjem
7159.71 Miles
9468 Miles

It is a very practical and useful product that you can easily carry with you on your trips. It is not broken by steel structure and it does not risk falling down in your travels and breakage in similar situations. Optionally, you can easily put your baby's liquid food, yoghurt food, and carry it inside.

Our product is a practical that you can easily carry with you on your trips. High grade vacuum insulation keep liquids hot or cold approx. 6 hours. (Min: 5 Hours-Max: 8 Hours) It offers them high quality and comfort for you. It is unbreakable and handy product.

The cover on it is locked with a rotating system and you can use it as a cup. It is very practical for you.

Automatic push button ease of use cover.



• Wash before using boiling water.

• Please read the user guide. Should be used under adult supervision.

• Do not wash in the dishwasher.

• Do not heat it in the microware.

• Warranty: 2 years.

• Cup Capacity 350 ML = 12 oz., Package Include: 1 x 350ML Stainless Steel

• Color: Blue