Babyjem Thermos Bag, Pink

Brand: Babyjem
6534.74 Miles
19363 Miles

The thermos bag keeps your foods and drinks fresher and longer. The product is proper to daily using or travelling. Baby Jem Thermos Bag Keeps your baby's product, baby bottle, foods or liquids securely in your daily life and on your travels, you can protect your beverage and food like hot or cold food, mother's milk etc.

The thermos bag offers that easy usage and elegant design with adjustable shoulder strap and zipper wide. When you are moving it is easy to use.

It keeps your baby’s bottle & food safe and fresh. Depends on the weather conditions it keeps cold or warm your 3-4 hours.

It is easy to clean.

Product Dimensions: 21 x 20 x 17 cm



• Lightweight and strong shoulder strap design, let your hands free from heavy luggage.

• Please do not wash in the wash-machine. You can sponge down the bag. It is very easy to clean.

• Comes with an updated zipper that is durable, and smooth when opening and closing the bag.

• Color: Pink