Biggbrella So003 Changing Color Butterfly Umbrella

Brand: Biggbrella
12837.82 Miles
27386 Miles

The biggbrella big red umbrella, which is the redeeming part of the winter and spring months and manages to be part of your style with its modern design, to provide against the gusty rain. The red umbrella, which you don't want to leave when you go to work, school, sport, holiday, protects two people from the rain comfortably with its large size. With its 8-panel design, the biggbrella umbrella protects you from wind with its durable structure. Its rubber handle ensure to hold it comfortably with its high grip and an ergonomic form. The umbrella, which can be opened automatically from the part in the handle and closed with a single move, is made of 100% Pongee fabric that is waterproof. Ideal for both single and two people with a size of 23”, the umbrella challenges the rains with its large size. The biggbrella umbrella, notable for its flying butterflies drawings and red and enjoyable design, is used by women, is the fixture accessory of the spring and winter months.