Biggdesign Acrobat Cats Hot Water Bottle

Brand: Biggdesign
16950 Miles

Grab yourself a little cold-weather comfort with this fab and furry plush hot water bag. Use your Bigdesign Hot water bag to release stress and everyday aches and pains. The Hot water bag simple and practical body warmer. It combines the benefits of comforting warmth and lavender aroma to aid relaxation and preparation for a restful sleep. The Hot water bag helps relax and calm the body and mind and aids sleep. Cover can be removed for cleaning.

After use, you can wash the removable cover at 30 ° C for gentle washing. Providing easy and practical use, the hot water bottle helps you relieve your pain and relax. When cold water is filled in, it reduces swelling in minor injuries. You can safely use the hot water bag made of durable rubber material thanks to the tightly closed rotating lid. You can also keep it in your office for easy access whenever you need it.