BiggDesign AnemosS 4' Soup Set

Brand: Biggdesign
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The fragrant soap set produced with various aromas can be used for both decorative and cleaning purposes. The soaps in the set are lemon, sage, bergamot and lavender fragrance. Each of the solid soap sets produced with 4 different aromas has an anchor pattern on each one. Artist Gamze Yalçın designed by the inspiration of the Aegean breezes by the “AnemosS” collection of pieces of paper with a thick texture wrapped in stylish paper, you can add artistic inspiration to the decoration of your bathroom. You can use the fragrant soap set, which selects the raw materials that enrich the softening effect, for hand and face cleaning and you can prepare yourself for a day where you can feel more spacious. Soaps in the set were dermatologically tested. For long-lasting use, store the soap set in dry and cool places. You can also think of the soaps produced with fragrant aromas as a stylish gift option to make your loved ones happy with a special gift box.