BiggDesign AnemosS Anchor Patterned Stainless Steel Thermosbattle - 500ml

Brand: Biggdesign
11384.54 Miles
14038 Miles

Inner and outer stainless steel. Vacuum insulated. Height: 26,30 cm Diameter: 7,50 cm .Capacity: 500 ml Anchor Steel Thermos with lid .The thermos has a capacity of 500 ml and has a lock function on the mouth to prevent flow. By carrying your steel thermos in your hand, you can take it anywhere. In general, it is preferred to drink tea and coffee from hot drinks, but you can use it in cold drinks. Silicone pads on the bottom. You can combine the collection of stone coaster, table cloth, american service, pillow and glass jug. It is not suitable for washing in the dishwasher. Hand wash is recommended.