Biggdesign Authentic Female Patterned Decorative Hand Mirror

Brand: Biggdesign
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19311 Miles

Ideal for both decorative use and carrying in a bag and as a make-up mirror, the hand mirror stands out with its colorful design. The hand mirror, which gives a clear appearance when provides a smooth reflection without distortion with its first-class glass mirror. Handy and lightweight with its compact design, the hand mirror is the ideal size to put in the bag. When you want to check your makeup, freshen your lipstick, fix your hair, the handle provides an easy and comfortable grip. The hand mirror, which is a great option as a gift to your friends who love make up or to your friends who like to include artistic details in their decoration, draws attention with its blue color. The hand mirror, which carries one of the special works of the famous painter Canan Berber who attracts great attention with her paintings featuring Hittite brides, captures the eye with its fine details. With the Hittite bride pattern made of curved glass, you can achieve a decorative look by using the mirror on the nightstand in your bedroom, on the console in the doorway or on the coffee tables in the hall.