Biggdesign Bgdt0922D02 Canvas Luggage 18 "

Brand: Biggdesign
33901.98 Miles
24198 Miles
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The cabin sized suitcase, makes your long and short trips easier for you, it also makes a difference with its ultra durable modern design and becomes one of your favorite travel accessories. It allows you to carry everything you need safely and comfortably during holidays or business trips moreover its original design makes it recognizable and easy to spot in a crowded airport. Has the special design of the artist Bülent Yavuz Yılmaz on it. With vibrant colors, naturalness and a silhouette of galata, it is a travel accessory that everyone will enjoy. Its mid-size 360 ° swivel casters makes it easier to carry and soft ergonomic grip system, silicone-coated handle, two-stage and durable pull-out system adds to the pleasure of travel. Made of 100% ABS raw material and with its durable surface, this suitcase protects your belongings against bumps, crushes and scratches and helps you travel safely with the internal combination lock system. The zippered section of the mid-size suitcase allows you to place your belongings neatly and its functional interior design is ideal for items you want to place separately.