Biggdesign Cats Embroidered Wallet

Brand: Biggdesign
149.9 Miles
19024 Miles

Biggdesign Cats wallet for women is made of durable pu faux leather in stunning red color and with impeccable Cats design. Sometimes you just want carry your credit car wallet as an actual handbag. The functional cute wallet makes it easy to do so.

This women’s wallet has a magnetic safe closure and well-organized, divided interior with 12 large functional compartments to store comfortably your cash, money, cards, passport and a mobile phone.

It is also a great option for those who frequently travel because these plenty of space inside is very suitable to carry foreign currencies and additional cards. A slim wallet takes minimum space in your bags or suitcases so that you can avoid the look of a bulky pockets.

Getting inspiration from Zeynep Pak’s drawings, Cats collection includes Cats patterns and their use of playful, bright, and free lines. It aims to evoke the feeling of being pleasant and free with a modern feminine edge.

This card holder wallet is playful, tasteful and beautiful to blend with your style in your daily use, travel organizations and business life.

If you are looking for the perfect unique and special gift, Biggdesign Cats women wallet will be a nice gift for your loved ones.