Biggdesign Cats in İstanbul Briefcase

Brand: Biggdesign
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On the one hand completes your style on the other hand, creating a comfortable use in the bag with a hanging messenger bag, ideal for use when going to school or on holiday. Lightweight design does not make an extra weight, the bag can be used as a diagonal shoulder bag can be used as a shoulder bag. The briefcase, designed by Zeynep Pak, inspired by Istanbul's cats, draws attention with its modern design. Cats s Istanbul pattern, which is a reflection of thousands of different cats in Istanbul, comes together with cat graphics of different colors and breeds and is located in the front of the bag and adds a different dimension to the design. The messenger bag, which makes cat patterns part of your daily elegance, is convenient to use anywhere thanks to its convenience. Biggdesign bags, which you can use at picnics, on the beach or for short trips, meet many needs. It also has a large zippered eye that can carry anything you need, and pockets for your small stationery items, which help you when a spare bag is needed.