BiggDesign Cats in Istanbul Gray Plush Hot Water Bag

Brand: Biggdesign
6739.73 Miles
16950 Miles

Abdominal pain, back pain, hot water bag stuffed with an excellent help to get rid of ailments such as muscle pain, but also indispensable in the cold winter evenings! Zeynep Pak's "Cats in Istanbul" hot water bag also having fun with cute cat drawing an image of the work is applied to both you and warm your heart!    Supple sleeve, cute cat pattern and chirping hot water bag you'll want to reserve your side with colors, with plush texture it covers all over! Hot-water bottle in the foreground with artistic and creative design, the birthday of your friends, a fun option to gift at Christmas.    After use the removable cover may be washed in washing sensitive at 30 ° C. Hot water bag, allowing easy and practical to use and helps you to pass your pain relief. When filling in cold water reduces swelling in minor injuries. You can use hot water bags durable rubber material produced safely through the revolving door is closed tight. You can also store your workplace for easy access when you need it.