Biggdesign Cats in İstanbul Polar Set

Brand: Biggdesign
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Cats in Istanbul designed by Zeynep Pak, this fleece scarf, beanie and glove set will warm your heart and then you! You will love this design consisting of two lovely cats. This 3-fleece set consisting of scarf, beanie and glove The imported fleece with shaved antipeeling feature is the standard size. This set, which you can easily carry on your travels with its special carrying case, will protect you from cold weather while completing your elegance. With its soft texture, cute design and 100% polyester fleece fabric that keeps you warm, 3-glove and beanie are the perfect accessories for the winter months, the scarf fits snugly and protects you against the cold and wind. You can also buy scarf, beret and gloves set which will be a perfect Christmas gift with red color to make your loved ones happy and wish you a good year. The scarf, beret and glove set that you can carry easily with you during your winter holidays is sent with a special case.