BiggDesign Cats in İstanbul Red Pillow

Brand: Biggdesign
6793.06 Miles
8172 Miles
Red color the Biggdesign decorative pillow, designed specifically by Zeynep Pak, adds elegance to your furniture while completing the decoration of your home. The silicone fibers in it add comfort to your enjoyment. We all know how the little touches we make in our house affect the decoration and change the mood of the living room. Red Biggdesign Cats Pillow with colorful and cute design, , especially the flat color furniture will be very befitting. Biggdesign pillows add spring exuberance to your soul, where you can also catch a perfect fit with your garden furniture in the summer. Its removable zip case can be washed and cleaned easily with a temperature of 30°. Dry cleaning should not be done to prevent damage to the linen-looking cotton polyester fabric pillowcase. Do not use bleach when washing the case and make sure to iron it on low heat. We prepared the special and meaningful pillow which is designed by Canan Berber work that is obtained the license; you can gift it to cat lover friends and color up their homes.