Biggdesign Cats In Istanbul Small Felt Bag

Brand: Biggdesign
5839.77 Miles
9248 Miles

Meanwhile keep all your makeup a little hero; Cats in Istanbul felt Biggdesign makeup bag. scratch-woven fabric with high quality, the possibility of spillage and provides full protection for impact by eliminating makeup.    Zippered main compartment of the travel makeup bag in everyday use or while traveling in a very comfortable way keeps all your stuff safely. going to the gym, while traveling, outdoors, in the weekend getaway, business trip or on holiday you can organize your makeup in a perfect way, you can prevent dropouts.  Specially designed by artist Zeynep Pak "Cats in Istanbul" Inspired by the work of makeup bag is resistant to wear with fleece fabric. This will be a savior small bag to keep all your stuff in one can not separate your side with cute design. Your backpack, has dimensions that can be carried easily in your travel bag; 20 x 10 cm.  To do makeup very loving friends or to gift your friends who frequently travel makeup bag is a great option in the foreground with a design inspired from the cat we face every moment of Istanbul.