Biggdesign Cats Yellow Backpack

Brand: Biggdesign
10921.23 Miles
10412 Miles

School, travel, sport or yellow backpack that has a great savior when going on holiday, light weight and convenient, offering a great comfort with a roomy interior design. bag having fun with a view to drawing on the black polyester fabric, the design exudes happiness almost. Zeynep Pak's "Cats" that the implementation of the work concept of cat-themed backpack, inspired by the cats in different cities in terms of color and encountered each other at any moment.    yellow backpack is poised to become a fixture of sporty elegance, with combinations made with jeans or with combinations ideal for use in pastel shades. Adjustable shoulder strap and zipper with a small pocket compartment and quickly to reach the desired phone, glasses, wallet, lipstick, such as items for interior chamber with backpack, to get your loved ones can be thought of as an original gift.    School bags, sports bags, travel bags, you can move your belongings with backpack suitable for use as a business bag easily. Backpack, half cotton half polyester fabric and a pretty nifty piece you can put your own style with different design.