Biggdesign Cats Yellow Headphone

Brand: Biggdesign
10222 Miles

Music is always with you with an on-ear headset that music lovers will not want to stay away from! Headphones, which is one of the most used electronic devices in daily life, meets many needs that vary from person to person with its many models and types.
Headphones that you can use while playing games, talking on the phone, listening to music, reading books help you to be isolated from the outside world with its advanced technical features. Biggdesign Cats headphone gives you the pleasure of listening to quality music with its deep bass and noise reduction feature.
Thanks to its soft sponge design, it does not disturb your ears even during prolonged use. It distinguishes your classic headphones with its fun design and highlights your style.

Highlight your style with the headphones with Cats design by Zaynep Pak!