BiggDesign Felt Bicycles Zipper Small Bag

Brand: Biggdesign
5839.77 Miles
16084 Miles
School, trips, sports, or a small handbag that is practical and a great savior when going on holiday, light weight and convenient, offers a great comfort to the interior design. Gray color on one of the most chic style bicycle patterned designs with representatives felt bags, with the button located on the tiny blue heart-shaped charm also adds to the image. For those who love vibrant colors and embroidery are designed by designers Biggdesign "bike" modern small bag pattern is applied; makeup bag, you can use the pen as a brush bag or box.    Strapless and a small handbag of the functional design that can easily get your personal belongings in the interior design ideal size, pink-colored details that complement the style and elegance of the design. A quick way to reach the desired phone, wallet, lipstick like objects that can easily get zippered main compartment can be opened easily and mouth with hand bag, to get your loved ones can be thought of as an original gift.