Biggdesign Fertility Fish Blue Raincoat

Brand: Biggdesign
14094.44 Miles
15593 Miles

Biggdesign raincoat, which is the salvation part of the rainy days in spring and winter, is the favorite choice of women who attach importance to their style with their stylish and stylish design ... Reflecting its artistic direction with fish drawings, the raincoat reveals its difference with its original design. Kadir Yilmaz designed the Fish of Abundance with cute fish drawings that have a fun image, especially it conquers the hearts of those who love to look different. Colorful raincoat that will add a striking air to many different clothes, candidate to be a fixture of rainy spring days. At the same time this stylish and modern raincoat; You may also want to consider it as an original and fun birthday gift that you can get to your lover, spouse and friends. Biggdesign raincoat, which is made of 100% polyester material, can be easily worn and removed, can be used comfortably and you can wear it for many years and make it part of your style.