Biggdesign Fishermen Dirty Laundry Basket

Brand: Biggdesign
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Biggdesign Dirty Laundry Basket that will add color to your home with its design offers a practical solution against clutter. This special design allows you to save space when it is not being used with its fabric and folding structure. This compact design that folds for storage needs when it is not used or needs to be carried. You can use the basket by folding in such cases. The laundry basket provides great storage space in the kitchen, living room, cupboards, game room, bedroom or bathroom. Toys, books, CDs, clothes, underwear and so on. suitable for use in different areas such as cupboards, tables and offices to store products. The ideal size of 55 cm height eliminates the scattered image in small areas. Dirty Laundry Basket that conceals its contents with its fully closable cover This fun design, which Zeynep Pak inspired by the fishermen in Istanbul's indispensable Eminönü and called “Fishermen olabilir, can be both the most colorful part of your home and a favorite home gift alternative.