BiggDesign "Hands On Her Hips" Courier Bag by Turkish Artist

Brand: Biggdesign
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Cloth bags become popular alternative to plastic and paper bags. The bag which made by raw cloth is not include harmful materials for environment.  BiggDesign'' Elibelinde Courier Bag’’ patterns combined with traditional symbols and modern lines. Women can use in daily routine. Anatolia’s rich texture in various periods of life is reflected in various motives and they have reached our present day. Despite the differentiation of motives in different regions, she described the lifecycle. Birth, life and death cycle reflected all works of art and crafts in that period.

Communities in Anatolia and the surrounding area, who belongs to various Nature Religions lived around this "circle" concept. Each period in the soil of Anatolia for thousands of years, several motives draw more attention than others. Biggdesign has brought them to you in our collections. One of these valuable motives is “Elibelinde”, Hands on her Hips. Elibelinde motive is the symbol of femininity. Not only maternity and fertility, but it also symbolizes good luck, prosperity, fortune, happiness and joy. Exclusively designed by Müge Barış for Biggdesign.


• Exclusively designed by Müge Barış for Biggdesign.

• Material: Raw Cloth

• Hand-Wash in Cold Water