BiggDesign Istanbul Wallet Blue

Brand: Biggdesign
7899.68 Miles
10684 Miles

The wallet, which is an important part of women's daily style as an accessory besides carrying money and cards, is carried to a different dimension with the special design of Biggdesign. The wallet, designed by Zeynep Pak, adds a modern and colorful atmosphere to your style with its fun drawing. With its timeless design with modern lines, you can use this original wallet for years to come. The women's wallet is made of PU leather and has 2 coin compartments. The wallet, which prevents the loss of coins in the depths of your purse and offers easy access and more regular use, stands out with its convenient and functional design. The blue wallet with 2 coin compartments, 3 normal compartments and 4 card holder provides space for storing your money and cards and can meet your needs. With 15x8x2,5 cm dimensions, you can easily organize your credit cards, identity, driving license, paper and coins.