Biggdesign King Rave Leakproof Travel Mug

Brand: Biggdesign
10226.26 Miles
13750 Miles

Biggdesign travel mug which is designed to keep your drinks hot or cold in your school, office, beach, camping, trips, provides ease of use with its vacuum lid. Thanks to the non-slip pad at the base, the thermos which is not tipping and prevents unwanted accidents are easily closed with the functional form of the mouth section and prevents leaks. Strong Kadir Yılmaz's Güçlü Mr. Allright Man ”is an invincible thermos mug that has a modern stance with black color and is an enjoyable helper for you and your loved ones. The high-temperature and impact-resistant travel mug is a size that easily fits into the cup holders in your car. The mouth section is opened and closed easily with a simple push motion, and when closed, it does not leak. Does not spill or drain with vacuum lid and non-slip pad. Thanks to the thermos you can take with you everywhere you go, you can contribute to the production and use of disposable plastic cups.