BiggDesign Mavi Su Keychain

Brand: Biggdesign
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15371 Miles

If you ever forget where you put your keys and you can't find the solution; BiggDesign blue water-figure key chain! Designed with the blue water figure, which is believed to protect you from bad energy, the design that is in the foreground will prevent your keys from being lost in your handbag or when you enter the house. You will keep your keys together without getting lost. Stainless steel blue water figured keychain will be a cute accessory for your keys with unique design. A transparent glass layer that surrounds the blue water figure, which has been specially processed on stainless steel, also prevents damages to the motif. With a diameter of 4 cm and a circle that can hold 6 to 7 keys, the key ring can be hung on the wall at the door entrances. The keychain, which carries one of these special works of famous painter Canan Berber, which attracts great attention with his paintings featuring Anatolian motifs, captures the eye with its fine details. The design stands out with the blue water figure, which is believed to protect it from bad energy. The keychain, which you can think of as a minimal and meaningful gift option for your loved ones, will be an accessory that you will use with pleasure.