BiggDesign Mehmet Sağbaş Design Magnet 3pcs

Brand: Biggdesign
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Biggdesign 3-magnet set, which is an integral part of the refrigerators, enriches the decoration of kitchens with its colorful designs. The magnet set, which creates a nice appearance when used with other magnet designs, carries the Istanbul-themed works of the painter Bülent Yavuz Yılmaz. Galata Tower, people with umbrellas and city skyline works centered on the 3-set magnet set, striking tones and drawings are used. Produced using 100% ceramic material and attracting attention with its square form, the magnet stands out with its texture and naturalness. In addition to using on refrigerators, the magnets, which create an entertaining image on the magnetic boards placed in the office or living rooms or on the decorative plates made of metal, inspire you to add a different style to the decorations. With magnet designs you can create pleasant corners to help you fix messages or photos written on note papers. The size of each magnet in the triple ceramic magnet set is 5x5 cm.