Biggdesign Moods Up Lucky Backpack, Green

Brand: Biggdesign
139.9 Miles
20284 Miles

BiggDesign Moods Up Lucky Backpack exclusively designed by famous Biggdesign Designers from Turkey.

This puffy metallic backpack is made of from 100% polyester with a durable nature.

It is a party bag on the outside and has all business inside. The handy backpack provides a large main compartment enough for a tablet, smartphone, umbrella, books and even your makeup sets. It has a compartment for your 14" laptop as well as a special zippered pocket inside to keep your personal belongings separated and safer.

Designed as comfortable enough to explore around all day, as lightweight enough so that it won’t make any back pain after a few hours, and also as stylish enough that you feel attractive and girly throughout your trip.

From the shiny color to the soft material, this casual design is also convenient for high school teens and college students so that they can carry around their essentials for going to school, gym, sports, camping, work, holiday, weekend get-away or travel.

Biggdesign Moods Up Collection affects your moods, feelings, and emotions in the positive way therefore you will love this green bag which is the color of luck. Biggdesign also offers you being ‘Relax, Happy, Curious, Calm, Sexy, Loving and Lucky’ with other colorways to choose from or to gift for your loved ones.