Biggdesign Mr Allright Man Business Card Holder

Brand: Biggdesign
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Biggdesign business card holder, hard metal cover and 6 different business card eyes, is ideal for carrying in trouser pocket or bag. Metal cover business card holder that creates a functional usage area in both business and private life; bank cards, credit cards, IDs offers 6 different compartments for membership cards and, of course, business cards. Metal card holder, which protects your cards against the wear and breaks that may occur in your pocket or purse, like the first day, draws attention with its design. Powerful Kadir Yilmaz's “Mr. Allright Man kuru is inspired by his drawing of a dry head and bird on a purple checkered pattern. The business card holder, which is a fun business gift candidate, prevents your cards from being lost in or out of the bag with the button lock, ensuring that the cards are always at hand and safe to use.