BiggDesign Mr. Allright Man Moka Machine 3 people

Brand: Biggdesign
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BiggDesign espresso machine is the solution you are looking for to taste pure espresso flavor. Moka pot, which is a version of teapots used to brew Turkish tea, offers both high quality espresso flavor and practical coffee brewing. No matter how difficult it is to use Moka Pot, it is actually very simple. First, fill the bottom chamber of the moka pot with water not exceeding the safety valve, add medium-fine ground coffee to the middle without compressing it. After you put all the parts together, you can have them on your campfire or in the stove. After you start to boil over the fire you can serve. Espresso machine with your brewed coffee if you wish you can simply by pouring ice-cold ice cream on hot summer days, you can consume by obtaining a magnificent affogato. A small but functional tool that coffee lovers will enjoy, it will allow you to try delicious coffees; it is also one of the original gifts for coffee lovers.