BiggDesign "My Eyes are on You" Felt Bag - Bordeaux

Brand: Biggdesign
8068.01 Miles
13250 Miles

Intertwined with art, modern and colorful design style with which your candidate to be one of the most original pieces Biggdesign arm felt bag, will carry up your daily style! seal bag with a handle in the middle of the red color pattern design, designed by designers Biggdesign "Eye Tag" comes to life with the inspiration of his work. High quality seal design, artificial leather handle and functional interior design that stands out with arm felt bag, ambitious about being the favorite accessory of women. Philippines mainly outside the boiler made with red color gray, yellow, boiler for days dominated by the color black as well as an ideal complement felt bags, you'll want to use every day.    With its spacious interior design creates a comfortable one user can carry all your belongings with you shoulder bag, it will be the most pleasant complement to your outfit. High-quality fleece fabric with scratches, spills and provides full protection for your belongings blow possibility of eliminating. We prefer mostly in the winter months with a felt fabric Biggdesign I've Got My Eyes On You arm felt bag can capture a perfect harmony in your combinations of Jean mounted in the spring as possible.