Biggdesign Nature Discovery Bicycle Bell

Brand: Biggdesign
7604.7 Miles
10323 Miles

Every bike needs Biggdesign Nature's special design bicycle bell adds a distinctive style to bicycles with its colorful and artistic design. The powerful and clear sound of 75 dB helps the cyclists to easily recognize the bicycle handlebars between 19-22 mm. You will only need a Phillips screwdriver and 1 minute to install the bike accessory, which is also easy to install. Adding artwork to its 5 cm diameter design, the bike bell distinguishes itself with this special design. Collaboration artist Aysu Bekar's work “Nature Discovery” pattern is applied to the concept of bicycle bell, bicycle and nature themed concept and aims to raise awareness about sports. The bicycle bell, which supports long and safe journeys by bicycle, is made of high quality and durable material and can be used for many years. On holiday, in summer, in the park, at the seaside, in the woods, the bicycle bell will add a vitality to your energy and will increase your passion for cycling!