BiggDesign Nature Discovery Women Bustier

Brand: Biggdesign
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Biggdesign Nature bustier provides a perfect fit for women's body with its form while doing sports and yoga. It helps to move comfortably with its comfortable structure. Bustier has a full die cut which can be worn by tall women comfortably. Biggdesign bustier, which is the choice of women who do not compromise on elegance while doing sports, combines your sports style with artistic patterns. Inspired by nature and the importance of movement in healthy living, the bustier designed by Artist Aysu Bekar attracts attention with its modern design. Sports bra designed with vivid colors will energize your soul. One of the most entertaining ways to move is the colorful sports bra, which makes cycling patterns part of your sporting elegance, which encourages the use of bicycles, and is suitable for use not only in yoga but also in sports. Biggdesign bustier, which is the choice of women who want to have a stylish and comfortable appearance, is produced with polyester cotton blended fabric.