Biggdesign Nature Earth Foldable Shoulder Bag

Brand: Biggdesign
9654.61 Miles
18623 Miles

Foldable shoulder bag is the perfect choice for almost any occasion, with its functional and comfortable design; a great savior when travelling, shopping, going to the beach, school, vacation and doing sports. It offers great comfort with its foldable design, light weight, large interior design, waterproofness. It is easy to clean and the durable fabric choice allows you to use the bag for many years. Energetic yellow color and a stylish design with bicycle and nature print on it, the bag energizes you with its design. Collage artist Aysu Bekar's work “Nature” pattern is applied to the foldable shoulder bag, bicycle and nature-themed concept aims to raise awareness about moving and doing sports. Bringing together nature, design, art and cycling enthusiasts, the shoulder bag is the most enjoyable piece of casual and sporty looks. You can also consider the yellow shoulder bag, which has two different pockets inside as a stylish gift for your loved ones. It is ideal for use as a school bag, shopping bag, beach bag, sports bag and a travel bag. You can carry your belongings easily with this bag.