Biggdesign Nature Foldable Shoulder Bag

Brand: Biggdesign
9654.61 Miles
18623 Miles

The shoulder bag, which completes your style on the one hand and creates a comfortable usage area, is ideal for use on the way to school or on holiday. Inspired by a healthy and natural life, the shoulder bag designed by Aysu Bekar attracts attention with its modern design. Designed to raise awareness of the necessity of movement for a healthy life and to encourage the use of bicycles, one of the most entertaining ways to move, the bag features a bicycle pattern on the front and adds a different dimension to the design. The shoulder bag, which makes different style and design part of your daily elegance, is convenient to use anywhere thanks to its comfort. Biggdesign bags, which you can use at picnics, on the beach or for short trips, meet many needs. The bag, which can help when a spare bag is needed, fits into a small bag when it is folded, gives energy with its inspiring design.