BiggDesign Nature King Of The Jungle Buffer

Brand: Biggdesign
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Biggdesign patterned bandanna providing high comfort and protection, complement your style with a variety of uses. Mostly used as hair band, hair accessories, hair clip, neck and wrist as preferred and which has an ergonomic design with these usage patterns Biggdesign Anemoss bandana, also motorcycle users prefer to protect their face from dust and wind. Nature and bicucle theme bandanna is designed specifically for the brand Biggdesign by artist Aysu Bekar. Inspired by the nature and healthy life, it brings energy to hot summer days. Complementing a stylish person who likes the style of bicycle and nature patterned bandanna and does nature and sports activities has a standard size. Both female and male adult size are the same and it is 25.5 cm long 50 cm wide. When you wash your biker mask, 100% microfiber structure quarantees healthy living and no color fade, it dries quickly and does not lose its flexibility.